Frequent Questions Answered

How long have you been a Seattle wedding photographer? And how did you become a photographer?

2018 marks the beginning of my 11th wedding season , and my 13th year in business.

I fell in love with the art of photography in high school in 2000 and realized that I wanted to pursue a career in it right then.

I absorbed everything I could about it until 2003 I was accepted into a prestigious commercial photography program in Seattle, where I was able learn the craft of photography, and lighting. Skills that help me create beautiful images in just moments no matter how dim the room, how crowded or behind schedule we may be. My camera and lighting are second nature to me, allowing me to focus on you, and not the gear in my hand.

I graduated in 2005 and started pursuing a career in the commercial photography industry by working in product studios and on catalog, fashion and editorial shoots. I soon realized that I was more passionate about photographing real people going through real changes in life and capturing memories that they would treasure forever than I was about creating photos for advertising that will have a two month shelf life.

I started photographing weddings in 2006 and fell in love with the amazing people that opened their arms and hearts to me and my lens.

Throughout each wedding day, I help create a more memorable wedding for you so that years and generations later, the love and excitement can still be experienced by looking through your wedding album.

What sets you apart from all the other Seattle wedding photographers?

Experience and drive to ensuring you have a great time as well as great images. There are tons of photographers out there, but I go out of my way to help you enjoy your wedding day, lower you stress and soak in every moment. I offer full coverage of your wedding day ensuring that you have the moments you want in photographs that can spark those memories for years to come. No cramming your day into a certain time frame to ensure there are photos. Just enjoy your day. Get caught in the moment of that embrace, the laughter of that conversation and the twirl of your dance knowing you'll have those memories at your fingertips.

Who do you work best with?

Couples who love unabashedly, laugh out loud and find happiness in the quiet in between moments. Your wedding might not be perfectly styled, or overly detailed, but your attention to your people and the community around you is important. As a couple you want a feel for your entire day, the parts you saw, and the parts you missed as well as some beautiful portraits from the stolen time of just the two of you on your day. It’s about the little moments as much as the big, and the memories that make the entire story that you love.

I’ve never worked with a professional photographer before, how will I prepare?

Majority of my clients are in your exact same boat. This is the first time that you will have been photographed by a professional and you have no idea what to expect. To help you calm the wave of questions in your head about how to make sure you look good and act natural and where the right outfit, I’ve written lots of fun articles that help with wedding photography and engagement photography concerns.

One thing I hear consistently from clients is how great it was that I helped put them at ease and guided them through being photographed. I’ll let you know when to move your chin, or change your angle and let you know when you are doing perfectly, as it’s just as important that you feel confidant in what you are doing as I do!

Will you work with LGBTQ couples?



Absolutely. While my business grows and attracts clientele by sharing my work, if you prefer your images to not be online, we can agree to that. Most clients enjoy seeing their images on my blog or Facebook, but if that makes you uncomfortable or for any reason you’d like me not to socially share your images, just let me know. By default, my agreements include a model release allowing me to use images for promotion of Rebecca Ellison Photography, but it is an option you can opt out of. Many photographers will charge a fee for confidentiality, but I do not. You are hiring me to photograph your event or family and if you want the images to stay private, I can completely respect your wishes.


To confirm your booking, I require a contract signed by both parties, as well as a $750 date holding fee. The remainder is due 30 days prior to the wedding, and you can pay that in payments scheduled up to the date the payment is due in full, or in one complete payment. It is up to you. If you need some other type of payment plan, we can chat, and it is decided on a case by case basis.

There is a 3% administration fee for any credit card payments over $1000.


Super! I'm excited to meet you and your fiance! Click the button below to send me a note and we will set up a consult to get to know each other a bit better. We can do the consult in person (my fave) and really get to know each other and find out what you want from your wedding day, or if schedules are crazy (trust me with two kids and a busy business I understand this one!) we can opt for a FaceTime or Skype meeting. Still kind of face to face, just through a screen :)

Do I neeD Two photographers?

A second photographer can be great for additional perspectives, but it isn't necessary for every wedding. I highly suggest a second photographer when you have a guest list of more than 200 to ensure we get great coverage of all of your guests. A second photographer is also great if you are getting ready at different locations and want photo coverage of both parties getting ready. Otherwise, a second photographer is not usually necessary. The only time you'll definitely notice the two perspectives of having two photographers is down the aisle photos and for first site photos.

Do you have backup equipment?

Will you be the photographer day of if we hire you?

Do you offer privacy policies or confidentiality agreements?

Do you take credit cards?

Do you have liability insurance?

how do we start the process?

Absolutely. Technology is fabulous, but anything with a battery has the possibility of failure. Backup cameras, gear and lights so, in the case of a malfunction, I will be back up and running without you ever noticing something went awry.

kind words

- Casey + Jesse | 2017

“My husband and I hired Becca to take our engagement photos as well as our wedding photos. She made us feel so comfortable having our photos taken (which is not something either of us was used to doing). She was laid-back, funny, helpful, responsive, and very knowledgeable. We could not be happier with our entire experience as well as how beautifully the photos turned out! She worked with us to create a wedding package that fit our budget and was also able to give some great advice on wedding planning in general. I can not recommend Becca enough if you are looking for a photographer!! She’s amazing! ”

"Becca did such a great job of always putting us at ease, not necessarily through any specific actions, but more by just being a positive, calming influence who’s vision inspired absolute confidence in her abilities! Even though she provided us with detailed workback of how we were going to handle the wedding photographs ahead of time, she also managed to find little moments of inspiration for some unplanned, yet truly memorable photos on the big day itself. To be honest, I really didn’t realize just how integral the photographer could be to the wedding as a whole, as there were just so many different aspects of the wedding that were positively impacted by Becca’s influence. I am truly grateful that we found someone with this level of talent and heart to make our special day so memorable! ”

-Hattie + Everett | 2016

“Working with Becca was a wonderful experience. She is talented, warm, and made us feel very comfortable in front of the camera which we believe made all the difference in how our photos came out. I would definitely recommend her and already have! Our favorite aspect was the kindness and natural-ness that Becca brought to creating our photos. It made us feel very comfortable. The photos themselves have a really naturally beautiful look that we really appreciate. We definitely had fun taking photos around Seattle near the venue and were impressed at the lengths taken to get the shots (i.e. standing in the middle of streets!). We just had a lot of fun together! ”

- Cailen + Zach