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So here I am, a wedding and branding photographer with a passion to help couples and creatives grow and prosper creating

Imagery that elevates.

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I can sleep anywhere

My socks never match

Sushi. Yum

Beach, please

Oreos. All day long

Manny's beer 

Known Quirk
5. Guilty pleasure
3. Beverage  order
2. Vacation of choice
1. Favorite food
4. Secret talent

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Oreos, duh




Books and a beer

Gerard Butler

12. Fav. Instagrammer
11. Fave Pastime
9. Celeb Crush
8. Take my money...
7. Favorite Band
10. Sweet or Salty?

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Oreos, mismatched socks and malopropism... Time to reveal a few of my obsessions. See anything we have in common?

All About Becca


By the


THE # of love stories i get to share a year


the # of oreos consumed weekly


the year started this business


The number of info filled newsletters
 sent yearly


Branding/ Events /portraits a year